Monday, January 9, 2017

TED Talk

  1. Frederick the great changed the perceived value of the potato by declaring the potato a royal vegetable. He instructed guards to guard the potato garden day and night but not guard it close enough that people couldn’t steal the potatoes. By making such a big deal out of potatoes but still allowing people to steal some, more people believed that potatoes were very special and they had to have them. This extended the demand for potatoes, which led to the popularity of the potato to increase dramatically. Ataturk used perceived value to deter the women from wearing the veil in Turkey by wearing it, while still discouraging people to wear it. He forced prostitutes to wear the veil. Eventually, people stopped wearing veils because he changed their perspective of the veils. Ataturk changed the way people saw the veil rather than changing the actual veil, which could have led to problems. He was very successful and in changing the minds of the people who wore veils. This TED talk gives more information on perceived value.
  2. Rory’s idea about changing the train ride falls under perceived value because they didn’t actually change the amount of time you ride the train but rather how long the train ride seems. Instead of spending 6 billion dollars to shorten the train ride by a microscopic 40 minutes, the designers were able to change the way people viewed the length of the train ride. Most people would view the train ride as fun with the celebrities walking up and down the train handing out drinks. They don not worry about the amount of time consumed by the train ride. The train ride doesn’t physically change but changes the outlook on the ride.
  3. Changing people’s perspective is more effective than trying to change reality because trying to physically change something could possibly cost a ton of money and there most likely won’t be as much conflict. Changing reality entirely is an extremely difficult process, while changing people’s perspective is a small change. For example, I like iPhones, while my friend prefers Samsung's. Instead of taking her phone and changing some parts to create and iPhone, which would cost me a ton of money, I told her about the benefits and all the things an iPhone can do a Samsung can’t. This didn’t create any conflict and I still got my point across. A couple months later she switched to an iPhone. Overall, changing people’s perspective is more effective than changing reality.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Data and Advertisements

  1. Polls/surveys are not reliable. Many people writing the surveys are looking for specific answers. Essentially, the author’s of the survey are trying to manipulate the survey takers. This allows the author to gather positive information for their claim, instead of the honest answer, which most likely won’t back up their claim. For example, recently in class, my classmates and I were required to give a survey to support why our two hooks were the best. I had to manipulate the audience with the questions in a way that they would choose one of the hooks that I thought was the best. In doing so, I was able to gather the positive information I was looking for.
  2. Throughout the argument unit, value ads have caused me the most trouble. Messaging, badge, and branding value are hard to decipher because they are so similar. Also, when looking at an advertisement, it wasn’t always obvious what value it was or the advertisement would present the value in a way I hadn’t seen before. For this reason, I struggle to decide what value an advertisement had encompassed.
  3. This advertisement uses two hooks, which consist of celebrity appeal and hyperbole. Katy Perry is a celebrity. Therefore, it uses celebrity appeal. Also, hyperbole is used because it exaggerates the beauty of your eyes when you use Covergirl. I believe this advertisement is using badge value. It is using badge value because Katy Perry is basically saying if you wear Covergirl makeup you will feel better, look better, and be better than everyone else.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Argument Topics

  1. It is extremely important to support an argument with data because it helps persuade the audience. With data present, the audience has a reason to believe you. If you provide facts, then it removes any doubt from the audience's mind. They have no reason not to believe you in this case. Providing charts or places you can go to find the information also proves that you aren’t hiding anything that they wouldn’t want to hear. For example, I really want to go on a mission trip. However, I had to provide data to support my reasoning for going on a mission trip. I informed my parents about how much it would cost, the benefits, where I would be going, and who I would be going with. If I didn’t provide this information, my parents would be a lot less likely to allow me to go on a mission trip. For more information about the importance of supporting an argument visit the following site.  
  2. An alternate claim would be important to an advertising firm because it would allow them to find the weaknesses of competing companies. When a company finds a weakness, they can capitalize on it and make it a point of emphasis. This will allow the company to seem unique compared to competing companies. Also, an alternate claim can show a company where their flaws are so they can better their company.
  3. Ms. Van Dop and my peers are the audience for the upcoming paper I am writing. Ms. Van Dop is the teacher who will be grading my paper. Some of my peers or classmates will also be reading this paper. I’m trying to prove to my classmates that my two hooks are the best. I will prove to them that my two hooks are the best through the data I collect from my alternate claim.

Monday, November 28, 2016

What Influences my Choices?

  1. Badge value is the perceived value used in this advertisement. I can tell because the advertisement shows that yachts are luxury items. In other words, the advertisement says that if you have a yacht then you are essentially better than everyone else.  The only reason you feel better than everyone else is because you have something more expensive than most people. For example, when I got a new bat for softball and I had the best bat on the team that cost the most, I felt like I was better than everyone else even though I really wasn’t.
  2. Unique claim makes more of an impact on myself as the consumer because it shows that the specific item being advertised is better than competing items. Because of the one unique feature of the item, the product encourages you to buy it. This would have more of an impact on myself because that one unique feature is different from everything else and it’s new. Let’s be honest, in today’s world everyone wants new, better things. This saying, I would want the item with the unique feature. Visit the following site to find more information on how unique claim affects the consumer.
  3. A company would choose ‘Messaging’ value over ‘Brand’ value because a company can’t get everyone to be loyal to their brand. It’s simply not possible for many reasons. For example, what if someone tried out a certain brand for the first time and the product they bought ripped the next day? I don’t think they are going to want to buy that brand again. So, instead of trying to get everyone to be loyal to their brand by using ‘Brand’ value, a company would choose ‘Messaging’ value. ‘Messaging’ value advertises for a certain cause, reason, or product. It sends a message to other people of what you believe in or what they should buy. In a way, they are trying to appeal to potential customers. The person supporting the product or cause is trying to promote people to do the same as them and buy the product.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Romeo and Juliet's Love

  1. Romeo and Juliet have a romantic love story. Romantic love is when you love the other person for their looks and not the inner beauty. In the article, it states, “If asked, neither would know the other’s disposition towards children, for example. Therefore, their attraction is mostly physical.” This shows that they really don’t love each other for who they are but what they look like on the outside. Juliet thinks she loves Romeo, but since she is only thirteen, she doesn’t know what true love feels like. Juliet thinks her love toward Romeo is true because it’s her first and only love. She most likely doesn’t know what true love feels like.
  2. True love is the best kind of love. True love is when you love someone for who they are on the inside, not what they look like on the outside. When two people experience true love, they will likely fight here and there, but mostly look out for what’s best for the person, and love them for who they are inside. Eventually, with romantic love, you will get tired of their looks and want to move on. This is why so many divorces happen. People simply just want the other person because of their looks. With true love, you will love each other forever. You will still have ups and downs, but you will love the other person through it. For more information about true love, visit this site.
  3. Juliet controls her emotions better than Romeo. The article states, “This is a rare demonstration of prudence on her part, showing that she is not entirely blinded by her amorousness and places his safety at a high standard.” Juliet shows that she really does care about the well-being of Romeo. Romeo doesn’t show this kind of affection towards Juliet. She shows compassionate love, but for the most part, they both show romantic love towards each other.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Romeo and Juliet

  1. Romeo and Juliet is a not only a love story but a political story as well. Romeo was exiled and would be executed by the prince if he returned to Juliet’s city. It wasn’t just love at first site and now let's get married, but getting past the biggest hurdle, the prince. This shows it’s political because Romeo couldn’t see Juliet unless he got passed the prince and he could be killed if he was seen.
  2. Romeo and Juliet fit the structure of tragedy. They were good characters for the most part, but then they made a mistake. Their mistake was, they were married too quickly and they ignored the family feud. These mistakes caused the family feud to erupt in more violence. Romeo and Juliet committed suicide because they wouldn’t be able to see each other anymore. It went from a perfect love story to a tragedy, very quickly.
3. Going to the theater today is very different from going to the theater in Shakespeare’s time. Today, we make it an event to go to the theatre. People today, get all dressed up, hire someone to watch their kids, go out to dinner before. People are very attentive to the play today. Today’s people make it an event, while people in Shakespeare’s time went out to party. The roof was partially open to the air and part was a thatched roof. Most of the time they became too loud to even hear the play and ended up just partying. For more information about people going to theaters in Shakespeare's time.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Sleepy Teens

  1. I usually go to bed anywhere from nine o’clock to  ten o’clock. However, when I have a game or a meet and don’t get home until late at night and then still have homework to do, it’s later. Also, when I have a test the next day, I usually don’t go to bed until later because I am up all night studying. For some reason, the teachers seem to like to give tests on the same day, instead of spreading them out. Some nights I simply can’t fall asleep because something is on my mind and is making me nervous, like tests.
  2. The article states, “Mary Carskadon at Brown University, who is a pioneer in the area of adolescent sleep, has shown that teenagers need about nine hours a night to maintain full alertness and academic performance.” This means that students won’t obtain as much information as they would if they got more sleep. If schools started later, then more students would do better academically because of the sleep they are getting. Also, the article says, “This means that for a teenager, a 7 a.m. alarm call is the equivalent of a 5 a.m. start for people in their 50s.” This shows that teens feel like they are waking up a lot earlier, causing them to focus less in class. If classes started at nine, for example, then teenagers would feel like they were getting up at seven. This would allow teens to feel more energized throughout the day and they would be able to focus better in class.
3. It is important to take sleep seriously because not sleeping can result in changes in mood and behavior. The article says, “All in all, a tired adolescent is a grumpy, moody, insensitive, angry, and stressed one. Perhaps less obviously, sleep loss is associated with metabolic changes.” This shows that teens who get less sleep are more likely to have an attitude and even weight gain or loss. Also, teens who don’t get enough sleep have trouble functioning in class. Lack of sleep can also result in blood-glucose regulation can be greatly impaired and the amount of insulin can be compared to the amount of insulin in early stages of diabetes. Not only can a shortage in sleep result in attitudes but health issues as well. For more information, see this article.