Monday, May 22, 2017

Social Media

Recap: I chose my grandma for a lollipop moment. She has been sad and lonely lately because my grandpa died recently. Last Thursday, I didn’t have softball practice so after school I went to her house and helped her around the house. I weeded her flower beds and got many of her garden decorations out.

  1. "Social media can improve your quality of life,” Shaun McBride. There can be many different meanings for this quote. However, in this case, it means that social media is a place in which you are able to build a business or pursue your passion. Social media creates a very broad and diverse platform for people to pursue their passions and or start a business. In addition, social media allows you to interact with people. One is able to connect with others on a personal level with social media. As shown in this article, interacting with people is part of your physical health. One is able to interact with a wide variety of people they normally wouldn’t be able to on social media.
  2. Shaun’s passions in life are snowboarding, skateboarding, and going on adventures. My passion in life is going on Lake Michigan in our boat. My hope is to work hard enough so that eventually I will be able to retire and spend as much time as possible on a boat. In addition, I also enjoy playing softball. I am able to play the sport I love with teammates that have become sisters to me. When I play softball, there is sure to be laughter even if we don’t win.
  3. There are two parts of social media which consist of creating and consuming. The create aspect is when you post pictures and are able to show people little bits and pieces of your life or inspire others. The consume part of social media is equally important. This part is liking other people’s pictures and commenting on people’s posts in a positive way that makes them feel good. Both give us power because you are able to share with and relate to other people
  4. The ‘king of the rain forest’ story helps us in life. This story is about frogs that were challenged to make it to the top of a mountain. Many of the ‘normal’ frogs didn’t make it because they could hear other animals telling them how they won’t make it. However, one frog who was deaf made it to the top because it couldn’t hear the animals telling it that it couldn’t make it to the top. This story shows us that you need to block out the people who are negative aspects in your life and keep on track to a successful life.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Lollipop Moments

  1. I have many lollipop moments, especially with my parents, however, this particular one stands out. I had wanted to quit softball so many times for numerous reasons. I cried many many times over softball, it was so stressful. I had played for so long that there was so much pressure to do good. One year I could not hit. I would practice at home all the time, but I still couldn’t hit. I felt like I was letting the team down. My mom was always there to tell me that I could do it. I dreaded going to games, even practices that year. I stuck with it, no matter how bad I wanted to quit. My mom would always say that I’m a great softball player but if I wanted to quit, she would support me in anything I did. And then there was my dad. He would push me to do better each and every day. Sometimes I just wished he wasn’t my coach and didn’t care so much, but then there were the times when I wished he would be my coach forever. I never once told either of my parents that I wanted to quit. It was my mom’s encouraging and understanding talks and my dad’s pushing me to be my best that kept me playing and made me the player I am today. If my mom hadn’t had these talks and my dad hadn’t pushed me, I probably wouldn’t be playing softball today. I have never told either of my parents that I had wanted to quit and they prevented me from quitting.
  2. I think that she means that people are afraid of leadership. People are afraid of how they might influence someone or overstep their boundaries. In addition, I think she is saying that people are afraid of being a leader because they are scared of the outcome. This link gives some additional information about why people are scared of being a leader. I agree with this statement. This is because people are scared of being criticized, so they prefer to stay back and aren’t leaders.  

Monday, May 8, 2017


  1. A classic book is any book that people talk about and continue talking about. In addition, it’s a book that has been around for a long time and is unforgettable as stated in this article. One is able to feel as if it was an experience. The article has many more ideas of what makes a book a classic. These are just a few things of what makes a book a classic.
  2. The literary canon, as stated in this article, is a collection of works by which others are measured in terms of literary skill and value. In other words, it’s a system in which people rank books based on difficulty and reading level. To Kill a Mockingbird is an example of a literary canon.
  3. I believe it’s appropriate to ban books in some situations. One shouldn’t read Twilight to a group of third graders. Essentially, it depends on your audience, whether you ban a book or not. However, with this in mind, fewer books would need to be banned if people didn’t read a book with content that is too explicit for premature children. In past experiences, I have witnessed parents who have exposed their children to movies that use vulgar language. In a sense, this is similar to choosing the right books based on the age and maturity of the audience because in both cases children were exposed to inappropriate content at a young age. There are many reasons why Of Mice and Men was banned. However, some of the most common reasons include the book’s use of profanity, vulgar language, and God’s name in vain.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Dust Bowl

1. Dust pneumonia is a medical condition that develops due to the excessive exposure to dust. Basically, a lot of dust builds up on the lungs as a result of inhaling the dust and then one will suffocate slowly. Dust pneumonia is often caused by an excessive amount of inhalation of dust which results in inflammation of the lungs. Symptoms include asthma, influenza, eye infections, sinusitis, laryngitis, and bronchitis.
2. To treat dust pneumonia during the Dust Bowl, some remedies were made. A common remedy was rubbing vaseline in their noses to help prevent dust inhalation. In addition, a mixture of turpentine, kerosene and skunk oil would create a chest plaster to help treat chronic coughs. As this article shows, the Dust Bowl was caused as a result of over farming land. The Wind would blow layers of soil around causing the Dust Bowl. However, over farming was not the only cause of the Dust Bowl. The winds and jet stream changed as a result of the Pacific becoming cooler while the Atlantic became warmer. The rain was never able to reach the Great Plains causing the soil to become very dry.
3. Moving is hard enough, however, add the fact you can only take what you can fit into one bag. If I had to pack one bag to take with me I would pack some clothes and my favorite blanket. In addition, I would pack some necessities such as deodorant, soap, a brush, and a toothbrush. I would also bring some pictures of my friends and family. The hardest part about packing up and leaving my home would be not having the ability to see my friends and family. I see my family almost every day, so to suddenly not be able to see them would be really hard. In addition, I would never be able to see my hometown again.

Monday, April 24, 2017


  1. This PSA is very effective. Many elements were extremely useful for the purpose of this message. However, the imagery was the most useful element. The purpose of the message was to show that it’s not safe to text and drive. The images of what can happen as a result of texting and driving are very realistic, which is very scary. One is able to see the helicopters, ambulances, and a ton of cars backed up. All of which show how serious the accident was. In addition, the injuries that were obtained by the victims are very serious, some were killed. Overall, the images were the most useful because they were realistic and showed the severity of what can happen as a result of texting and driving.
  2. This PSA’s purpose it to inform one that bullying can hurt someone so much that they commit suicide. The PSA shows a person getting bullied and then cutting their wrists to bleed to death. This PSA is very useful because it shows the true result of bullying. I connect to this PSA on a personal level because, in my school, there are many people getting bullied. It scares me to think that someone I know could commit suicide because of bullying. This PSA shows that bullying needs to end.

Monday, April 17, 2017

High School Diplomas

  1. A diploma could significantly affect a person’s health. Studies show that people without a high school diploma have poorer health than a person with a high school diploma. There could be many factors that contribute to this. For example, one without a high school diploma most likely won’t have a solid job. Without a good paying job, one most likely won’t be able to pay for necessities, let alone doctor appointments. In addition, if a person doesn’t have enough money to support themselves, it will probably cause stress. Stress could lead to things such as depression which isn’t healthy.
  2. If 1 million students don’t graduate high school and earn a high school diploma, the society will be greatly affected. This is because if you don’t graduate high school, then you won’t get a decent job. This, in turn, leads to one having less money than one with a high school diploma. As a result one won’t put as much money, through taxes and buying goods, into the economy. Eventually, the economy won’t be efficient and the community could fall. In addition, studies show that people who don’t earn a high school diploma are more involved in crime. The government has to spend a lot of money on investigating crimes. If more people graduated high school and earned a diploma then crime rates would decrease and the government could use the money for things such as helping schools and funding cancer research.
  3. If 25% of freshmen fail to graduate, there could be many repercussions that could happen to the school and community. Some of which include numbers in the school decrease significantly. Also, the community would have fewer people with high school diplomas, therefore there wouldn’t be as much money to stimulate the economy. The school could offer incentives for meeting personal or school-wide goals. The school could also provide different classes for different students depending on their academic abilities.

Monday, April 10, 2017

6 Traits

  1. Grit is when one perseveres in order to meet a long-term goal. Grit is needed in life because you will go nowhere if you give up quickly without trying hard. Life is hard and one must have grit in order to become successful. This article goes into depth about the importance of having the grit to become successful. Nowadays employers are more interested in an employee that isn’t as smart but has the drive to work hard and get all of their work done rather than a really smart person who doesn’t have grit. I agree with the phrase “entitled” child culture because I have noticed that many college students come out of college and expect to have a really good job and be president of the company instead of working their way up to that position. They don’t have enough grit to work up to that, instead, they just want it given to them.
  2. ‘Gradual progress/consistent effort’ by one builds character in a person while ‘last minute cramming’ only builds stress. Gradual progress and consistent effort are important because you will achieve more high-quality work. This is very important in the future because employers will be viewing your work ethic. If they see that you cram things that need to be done, they will probably fire you. More often than not, cramming things results in messy, low-quality work. Employers would much rather have good quality work that you took more time to do.
  3. I feel I'm the strongest in discipline. This is because I know what I need to get done first and what is the most important. In school, instead of studying the whole unit the night before, I will study throughout the unit so I won’t have to memorize everything in one night. Also, I will work on and finish the hardest homework first. However, I feel that I could use work in having confidence in myself. More often than not I am unsure of myself in school work even though most of the time I am right. I also am not very confident when I present in front of a class. In order to become successful in life, I will need to work to obtain confidence.