Monday, March 20, 2017

High School GPAs Matter

  1. The research shown by Josh Mitchell demonstrates that college education is more important in current days, rather than even a few decades ago. The article explains that the average salary between 1960 and 1964 was $802,000 for a college graduate by the time they were in their mid-forties, which was up $115,000 from the early 1940’s. This same type of situation recently occurred. However, this occurrence happened on the flip side. The average salary for a high school graduate decreased from $435,000 to $243,000 in the same amount of time that the salary increased in the 1900’s. This article educates one about how the average salary of a high school graduate is significantly less. Considering this information, studies show that depending on your GPA,  you could make thousands of more dollars a year in comparison to a person with a GPA one-point less than yours. A high school graduate with no college education will make significantly less and with each passing year the amount of money they make decreases.
  2. Better grades are linked to students going to college and earning more money in the workforce. The article educates the reader that your grades in high school could go so much as far as increasing your pay by thousands of dollars. Personally, I see peers every day who could be so smart and have a great future but have no effort or will to do their work. This causing them to earn low GPA’s. They will have no chance at earning the maximum amount of money because their GPA’s are so low. Essentially, your GPA immensely correlates with your future and your ability to go to college and make the most amount of money possible.
  3. The correlation between high school grades and overall education attainment was strongest for minorities. The article says that between minorities and whites with the similar GPA’s, minorities were more likely to go to college to extend their education. This urges one to believe that minorities are more motivated to pursue school than their counterparts. This could be in part that minorities usually are raised to work hard for everything, while white people have arisen in a society in which they are handed everything and don’t have to work for anything. Overall, minorities are more likely to pursue education beyond high school compared to whites.

Monday, March 13, 2017


  1. I think that the school had a 27 percent increase in student enrollment because they worked towards academic excellence for every student and they were very strict. As a result, this would prepare students for college. Essentially, this technique would teach kids self-discipline and they would be urged on their own to go to college, rather than parents or teachers telling them they have to. Many schools today have many failing students. These are usually the kids who have a very low income and don’t care about school because that’s how they are raised. However, this school targets those kids and those are the ones that are wanting to go to college on their own. This article states,“We’re using the military structure to get kids to go to college,” French said. “It teaches them self-reliance, self-discipline, leadership — all attributes needed for success in college.” This shows that the military charter school teaches skills that everyone should learn, but doesn’t. They use an approach not many like, but clearly, it’s working as many of the students are wanting to go to college or into the military.
  2. The purpose of this article is to inform and entertain. This article talks about how the military charter school was established and all the benefits and goals the military charter school has for students. This article falls under news feature article because it tells the reader information while captivating the mind with interesting facts and stories.
  3. Developing student responsibility is so important because when you grow up in life you are going to be responsible for showing up on time to a job and having everything you need. If you show up late to your job too many times, you’re going to get fired. As a result, you could end up homeless, just because you weren’t responsible. My parents have always told me to be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late. Essentially this relates to being responsible because it shows that you need to be on time and prepared for everything you do. To improve the development of student responsibility in South Haven, the schools need to enforce tardies and late work. Many kids turn in work late and get full credit. This is not teaching students to be responsible, but rather saying it’s okay that you didn’t turn it in on time. When in reality, if this happened on a job, you could potentially be fired. This article shows ten different ways to build student responsibility.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Post-Secondary Schools

  1. I believe post-secondary schools should look at social media posts when considering you to attend their college. If colleges are able to see posts on social media, they will get a real idea of your personality and ‘character.’ Of course, people are going to act their best, which isn’t always their true self, when meeting with colleges. This doesn’t show the colleges what the person actually acts like. With colleges having the ability to check social media for any bizarre or inappropriate behavior, they will have better students which will make their school look better. This, in turn, will attract more scholars. This article shows some of the reasons why colleges check social media before offering a scholarship to an undergraduate.
  2. I agree with this observation. This is because in our school there are a lot of fake people who just want to fit in. They don’t care about being kind or having respect, but being popular and making sure everyone likes them. In the long run, nobody is going to remember what clothes you wore or how popular you were. Most likely you will grow up and drift away from your high school friends, so why does it matter if you are popular or have the best clothes. I have watched many people who have character try to be someone they’re not. These people usually take a turn for the worse and end up being rude. However, people do remember that one person who has character. They remember them as the sweetest person who was always kind and willing to help people.
  3. I believe the high school does a good job of preparing students for the future. This is because the high school allows you to fail, but then helps you get back up to succeed. They are essentially showing you how to prevent failure. In the real world, there’s not always a second chance. If you fail, you fail. Also, the high school helps prepare students for the world by establishing attendance, tardy, behavioral rules. By having consequences for tardies, it teaches students that it’s not okay to be late for work or school. If you get enough tardies in school you will get detention, while in a workplace if you arrive late too many times, you could possibly be fired. Also, high school forces you to work with people you don’t always like. If your partner doesn’t do the project you still have to do it if you want to get a good grade. The same goes for a job, if you don’t do your work because you have to work with someone you don’t like, you’re going to get fired. Overall, high school prepares students for the future well.

Monday, February 27, 2017


  1. The overall monthly payment for Erika Way in South Haven, Michigan for two bedrooms is $789. With one roommate I would pay a total of $394.50 per month. However, the first month I would be paying $100 extra because of a deposit you have to pay. The total deposit is $200, but I would split it with my roommate. In total, I would be paying $494.50 for the first month and each month following I would be paying $394.50.  
  2. A. I would pay $27.50 a month for my phone bill. That is staying on the family plan.
B. Paid.
C. I would pay $75 a month for gas.
D. Car insurance would cost $213 per month.
E. Paid
F. Electricity would cost $30 per month, however, my roommate would pay for half so I would pay $15 per month for electricity.
G. Gas would cost $50 per month but when split between my roommate, it would cost $25 per month.
H. An oil change would cost $8.34 a month or $25 to get it changed every three months.
I. Food would cost approximately $200-250 a month.
J. Internet would cost $35 a month.
K. I would use $100-150 on random necessities every month like a haircut.
J. I would be able to save just over $300 a month.
3. It would be very stressful living from paycheck to paycheck. This is because if an emergency occurred there could a be a possibility that I wouldn’t eat or I would lose my house because I would have to pay for the emergency rather than the necessities. For example, I could get injured and have to go to the hospital. The bill could potentially cost well over $500 dollars and I don’t have an extra $500 just laying around. Also, my car could break down and most likely I wouldn’t have enough of money to spend to fix the car. So, I would end up walking everywhere. It is important to have a skill that others value because they would want you to work for them. Also, if it’s valuable then most likely not a lot of people have that skill, therefore you would most likely get paid more.

Monday, February 20, 2017

My Career

  1. One career path that interests me is becoming a physical therapist for athletes. I don’t want to be a physical therapist for old, smelly people. I want to help athletes that have experienced an injury and are itching to play again. This interests me because I like helping people and I can relate to being injured and not being able to play. I know it would’ve taken a lot longer for teammates and myself to be able to come back and play if it weren’t for the physical therapists. I enjoy the fact that I would be able to help people, while still being involved in the sports atmosphere. I am very empathetic, therefore, I would love to help athletes recover.
  2. The University of Michigan would help me achieve my goal of becoming an athletic physical therapist. The training Michigan offers could aid me to become a physical therapist because they teach students how to deal with different situations and what the best treatment would be in different cases. Also, this school helps students understand different exercises to pursue in order to recover the fastest way possible. Overall, Michigan offers great training programs for future athletic physical therapists.
  3. On average, an athletic physical therapist makes 82,000-84,000 dollars a year, as of 2014.

Monday, February 13, 2017

TED Talk

  1. This TED Talk ties into our last unit because the previous unit focused on advertisements as did the TED Talk. The TED Talk was about how Nike advertises to consumers in order to make the most profit and to appeal to the most people. By creating a new shoe, with a different story each week, Nike is the most profitable company, both for the consumer and Nike itself. This link goes more in detail about Nike's advertisement and stocks. This relates to the previous unit because the Talk talks about how Nike is the best at advertising to consumers, while the last unit was about the different ways to appeal to teens.
  2. Nike sells to two markets, which consist of the secondary market and the retail market. The secondary market appeals to the sneaker heads, while the retail market appeals more to the average person.
  3. If there was a ‘Stock Market of Things’ I would buy many different types of shoes. I would buy shoes because I am literally addicted to them. I have a ton of them and there isn’t any reason I can’t have more. Buying more shoes from other dealers would give me joy and give me a wider range of shoes to choose from when I get ready in the morning. There is no doubt that if I were to ever sell anything for a ‘Stock Market of Things’ I would choose to sell shoes.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Identifying Text

  1. In the link for my previous blog, the article talks about a man and desire to help people by raising money through a marathon. The genre of the article is a human interest story. This falls under, “to inform and entertain.”
  2. The article uses a bit of description and more problem and solution. I feel this way because the article describes his adventure through the whole process of arranging the marathon and raising money to help people. However, the focus of the article has the problem of people in need. Eventually, through perseverance and courage, he raises enough money to help the needy people. The man found a problem and found a solution by organizing a marathon to raise money.  For these reasons, the article uses both description and problem and solution.
  3. Self-driving cars are the most interesting topic mentioned in this article. Self-driving cars are the most interesting because while I feel that they could be beneficial, they could also be a hazard or hard for some people to deal with. In the article, it states that in the near future there will be many people shuttling themselves around in self-driving cars. I feel that if everyone had a self-driving car then the roads would be much safer. However, some people would have panic attacks if they had no control of the car. Self-driving cars are the most interesting idea because they are the most probable to be created within decades.